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I am a software engineer with a PhD in bioinformatics.
My interests include genomics, web development, and cloud computing.


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A file browser made for genomics

42basepairs screenshot

Bioinformatics command-line tutorials screenshot

WebAssembly modules for genomics

biowasm screenshot

Recent Projects

🎙️ Interview with Changelog Podcast

We spoke about using WebAssembly to bring tools to the web, and thoughts on server-side WebAssembly.
December 2023

🎙️ Interview with Changelog Podcast screenshot
🗣️ Talk at All Things Open 2023

I spoke about powering bioinformatics command-line tutorials in the browser, with virtually no cloud costs.
October 2023

🗣️ Talk at All Things Open 2023 screenshot
🗣️ Talk at BOSC 2023

I spoke about using WebSockets to enable multiplayer use cases in the IGV genome browser.
July 2023

🗣️ Talk at BOSC 2023 screenshot